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Meet us at China Refrigeration Exhibition by admin on China Refrigeration is one of the leading exhibitions in the world for refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation, frozen food processing, packaging and storage.

It features a wide range ecoslim insta exhibits, with the latest advances in technologies reflecting the most significant developmen Air pollution varies greatly in different parts of the world, but across the globe, particulate matter PM2.

Holtop Air Handling Units for Covid19 Hospitals by admin on Since the outbreak of Covid 19, Holtop received so many urgent missions from front-line hospitals to supply and install purification air handling units equipment to hospitals ecoslim insta reduce the risk of cross-infection ecoslim insta create a safer environment.

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Due to the epidemic, the annual meeting was held onli China Abstract Objective To study the killing effect of aerosol microorganism by pulse electric field PEF and its mechanism. Methods Accordi Winter Maintenance Guide for Holtop Air Handling Unit Coil by admin on Water have been used to cool and heat air in finned-tube heat exchange coils almost since the inception of heating and air conditioning.

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Freezing of the fluid and the resultant coil damage have also been around for the same length of time. It is a systematic problem that many times is preventable New Products Launching of Holtop Rooftop Air Conditioning Units by admin on Holtop air-conditioning products have added a new member - Holtop rooftop air-conditioning unit.

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It integrates cooling, heating and air purification function all in one unit, and the integral structure is environmentally friendly, stable and reliable. The main features are showed as following.

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Va fi implementat Holtop a donat ventilatoare de recuperare a energiei către Centrul de îngrijire a persoanelor vârstnice Ruikangyuan de admin pe Pe 17 noiembriereprezentanți ai grupului Holtop au venit la Centrul de îngrijire pentru vârstnici Ruikangyuan și au donat seturi de ventilatoare de recuperare a energiei cu aer proaspăt Centrului de îngrijire pentru vârstnici Ruikangyuan, cu o valoare totală de 1.

Respectarea și îngrijirea persoanelor în vârstă a fost întotdeauna Fondată înHoltop este cel mai mare producător din China, specializat în producția de echipamente de recuperare a căldurii aer-aer.

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