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News & Events
In love with fascinating closures and exciting details...
23 March 2012

Our decorative closures, rings, rivet plates, loops and metal edgings come in classic, contemporary, youthful and sophisticated styles. Made from a range of materials and with different surface finishes, our products come in a matt, shiny or sparkling look.

The versatile hook closure - all-purpose, adjustable in 3 steps, suitable for riveting or sewing on.

Our stylish, high-quality products are a must for designer-oriented clothing brands. [...]
Latest collection Prym Fashion Trends Spring / Summer 2013
1 February 2012

The latest collection Prym Fashion Trends Spring / Summer 2013 has been published. It presents products on the following topics: All Denim, Heritage Department, 1930s Sobriety, 1950s Affairs, Go Globetrotting, Modern Safari, Summer Military, City Slickers and Stylish Man.

ALL DENIM. Soft denims are key in the summer of 2013. Head-to-toe denim outfits – either the classic suit or overall – make the new denim design statement. Finishings are varied – the surface of the denim sometimes features a coating, colour, or splash effect, making it a key element of this versatile and creative trend. [...]
Prym Fashion's new and extensive accessories range
1 septembrie 2011

Prym Fashion's new and extensive accessories range, created in response to growing customer demand for a one-stop supplier, will be launched at the exhibitions Munich Fabric Start, Moda In and ModAmont in September 2011.

Our stylish, high-quality products are a must for designer-oriented clothing brands.

These carefully matched accessories range from our highly successful press fasteners, jeans buttons and sew-on buttons, to our matching zippers, cord stoppers, labels, and buckles. Both our standard and designer collections combine exceptional variety with innovative textures and designs. [...]
New range - consumable goods, representing paper used in the tailor’s workshops
7 March 2011

At the beginning of March 2011, Prym Fashion Romania announced that it would sell, on the internal market, consumable goods, representing paper used in the tailor’s workshops. The range of products from this category includes, among others, cuttings markers and labels, but also a lot of other accessories, of highest quality, all of them to be used in the tailor’s workshops.

Types of traded paper

Plain paper for plotter, used in the automatic designing system in the ready-made clothes industry. [...]
New Range: Accessories created with customer's textile material
1 February 2011

The desire to react more quickly to customer requests, 2010 was for Prym Fashion Romania a year in which the company has invested in diversifying the range of locally produced items.

Prym Fashion Romania in Bucharest now produces:

- Wearing buttons;

- Staples dressed;

- Coated buckles;

- Belts;

- Brandenburg

a variety of models, sizes, colors with fast delivery times and competitive prices.
Online tutorial section for haberdashery
3 January 2011

Novices and converts will be thrilled to discover new online tutorial section of haberdashery on  [...]
New Zipp range : M4 & S6
3 January 2011

In 2010 Prym Fashion Romania continued to improve it's productin and sales strategies by implementing two new zipp production lines for:

- M4 metal zippers;

- Spiral zippers S6 (closed and open).

This gives Prym Fashion Romania the advantage for a wide variety of models, sizes, colors with fast delivery times and competitive prices.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details. [...]
New -
1 August 2010 in our new haberdashery online store where you can find accessories for sewing, creative design, embroidery, knitting, patchwork, crocheting and crafts.

Articles & Tools Embroidery / Knitting Pins, Crochet Hooks and Accesories / Accessories for Handbags/ Fasteners and garment accesories / Embroidered motifs / Pins and Needles / Repair and household items. [...]
Prym Fashion Romania is delighted to invite you at the second editiona of
the International Fair ROMANIA FABRIC DAYS.

19 octombrie 2006

The International fair ROMANIA FABRIC DAYS brings in front of you, all the fabric manufacturers from Romania and abroad, all the accessory suppliers from the textile industry.

The event will take place in the period October 19-21, 2006 in the Palace of Parliament, Exhibition Center (Casa Poporului) Bucharest:

19-20 October 10:00 AM - 19:00 PM;

21 October 10:00 AM - 17:00 PM;

We are eager to present to you, at the stand A2, our most recent fashion collection, which include diversified accessories suitable for year 2007. [...]
Colour card - Eclair Prym Zip
4 noiembrie 2005

Our zip fasteners are available in a wide variety of technical models and the colour range fulfils almost every colour requirement. All products are subjected to stringent quality controls and are produced in accordance with high international quality standards. Version 3 of zipp colour card contains 160 color range.

Colour card (.pdf, 863 Kb)
Production of zippers is made in Romania
1 June 2005

Production of zippers is made in Belgium, Britain, France, Spain, and have factories in North Africa, Morocco and Tunisia, and now in Romania, which is seen as highly perspective.

Official Opening
6 May 2004

Due to the fact that the Romanian market is gaining in importance for the apparel/textile industry, Prym Fashion has decided to set up a subsidiary in Bucharest, ensuring that the clients in Romania will be supplied just-in-time.

We are pleased to announce you that on 6th of May 2004 Mr Axel Prym, President of the company, officially opened Prym Fashion Romania SRL, a 100% branch of Prym Fashion. [...]

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